Institute of Dual Evaluation KUMO is a non-profit organization that operates through donations in order to maintain the dual principles of equality and fairness. We seek donations from people wishing to support our work in making issues easier to understand, promoting innovation in various fields, and creating higher trust in media.

Primary uses of donations

・Personnel expenses for staff

・Expenses for advertising to people who don’t know KUMOism

* Personnel expenses also includes costs for illustration production and research.

How to make donations

・Make regular donations

In order to help us operate in a stable manner, in general, we seek regular donations.

$60 for 6 months

* At the moment, our staff maintain operations while working elsewhere.

・One-off donation

In addition to regular donations, we also accept door-to-door donations.

1. Credit card donations

You can make donations by using your credit card (Visa, JCB, Amex, and Diners). The minimum donation is 1,000 yen. You can make as many donations as you like.

2. Bank transfer
Our bank account is currently being opened.